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Dogs are actually monsters that you let walk around your house

August 24, 2004

Yes, it sounds crazy, but next time you look at a dog…forget the all of the dogs that you have ever come in contact with in your life. If you look at the dog again and think “dog” then you haven’t done this correctly. Pretend that you’ve never seen a dog before. Then for a brief moment, you’ll realize that you actually have a hairy monster walking freely around your residence with the ability to pretty much pillage and destroy anything it so chooses. How do you know it’s not going to eat you? Have you ever even questioned its intentions? If you ask, and it doesn’t answer, it may be up to something. Watch out!


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  1. Will permalink

    Dude, I totally agree. Sometimes you have to look back and be like “why am I hanging out with this monster right now?” I have cats, same thing. Sometimes I look over and I’m like “what the hell is this animal doing in my house??”

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