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Spiders are scary

February 3, 2005

A lot of people argue that spiders are “good” bugs. I disagree. If spiders are good, then why are they so scary? I can’t think of a superhero that fights on the side of good, yet looks as scary as a spider. Even Spiderman isn’t scary looking. which proves that you can be affiliated with arachnids and possess many of their powers without looking so scary.

And what’s with the eight legs, Mr. Spider? Are you afraid someone is going to trip you? They are obviously gratuitous and just there to add to the frightening effect. Horses never fall and they only have four legs. Spiderman doesn’t have eight legs and I’ve seen him climb skyscrapers in the movies. so I’d really like to hear a decent argument for the extra appendages.


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  1. Faith permalink

    I agree. I hate spiders. Another popular defense of spiders is that they kill other bugs, like mosquitos. Well I still get bit by plenty of mosquitos and see lots of other annoying bugs around, so spiders are obviously not doing their job. Also, spiders kill nice bugs like fireflies and butterflies, which never did anything bad to anyone. So that adds to their evilness.

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