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Leave the toilet seat up

February 8, 2005

Why is it that men are never stupid enough to sit down on a raised toilet seat? For a significant percentage of the times that men use the bathroom facilities, we must also partake in the seated position. So why is it that women just find it so difficult? I wonder if they have trouble unrolling
the toilet paper too.

I used to live with four guys at college, which when compared to living with a male/female mixture, inarguably increases the likelihood of the toilet seat being left up. Never have I seen one of the guys complain, “You left the toilet seat up! I almost fell in!” Just what is so deceptive about a raised toilet seat? As you walk towards the toilet, you are looking at it. It should be easy to tell what position it is in. It’s not like the thing sneaks up behind you.

Maybe women walk backwards into the bathroom…or perhaps they climb through the window and jump directly onto the seat. Either way, if women cannot learn the proper way to operate a toilet, the privilege should be taken away. Leaving the toilet seat up is like Darwinism for the
bathroom…allowing only those that are able to adapt to their surroundings to remain dry, while the others are quickly weeded out.


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