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Nine reasons why Spaceballs is better than Star Wars

January 19, 2006

Spaceballs may be the one parody in history that is truly better than the original. Sure, the original Star Wars may be a classic, but most classics are boring, so you can’t really go by that. The following are indisputable reasons why Spaceballs is better than Star Wars. Do not bother trying to dispute them, as I have just stated that they are indisputable.

1. Spaceballs is shorter, therefore making it a more efficient usage of your time.

2. The director of Spaceballs opted against releasing the second half of the saga, counting his money for twenty years, and then releasing a disappointing first half.

3. Spaceballs may have actually had better acting.

4. Spaceballs is newer, and everyone knows that newer is better.

5. Spaceballs wasn’t eventually disgraced by a silly character generated for the sole purpose of marketing action toys to children.

6. Spaceballs isn’t boring.

7. People don’t make fun of you for liking Spaceballs.

8. They didn’t “comb the desert” in Star Wars…and you know that the giant hair pick is the funniest thing anyone has ever seen.

9. Spaceballs was successful enough to boost the careers of Bill Pullman, John Candy, and Rick Moranis. What good has Mark Hamill done outside of Star Wars? He played himself in the Simpsons. I’m sure that will earn him an Emmy. He was credited with the voice of Py-Ro, a character in “Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex.” (It’s a good thing for IMDB or no one would know that.) That is certainly impressive role that is not in any way embarrasing. Sure, Harrison Ford has done well for himself, but I don’t care since it doesn’t support my argument.


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