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What about the other team’s hats?

March 14, 2006

Seconds after every Super Bowl, hats commemorating the victory of the winning team fill the stadium. Either the hat companies are very good at predicting the outcome of games, or there is an equally huge stack of hats somewhere that notes the opposite winner. What happens to these hats? I’m surprised environmentalists haven’t jumped all over this one. Where do they all go? Are they clogging up a landfill, or are they are sent to a poor, hatless, third world country where the tops of people’s heads are in desperate need of shade?

Being that it isn’t an internationally celebrated event, I wonder if these unprivileged people even know what the Superbowl is? Did they even notice that in 1994 they received a hat commemorating the success of the Buffalo Bills for the fourth year in a row?


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One Comment
  1. Barrack Obama permalink

    Makes me wonder where all my change banners went since, I can’t bring change except for my underwear.

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