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Goldfish in small tanks

March 29, 2006

It always bothers me when I see a goldfish stuck in a small tank with nothing to do. I understand that a goldfish may only have a memory span of a few seconds, but I think that the few points of entertainment in the tank really do matter. If you put one of those bubble-emitting fake treasure chests in the tank, then fish thinks “Hey, look at that!” and gets excited. A few seconds later the fish looks at the same fake treasure chest and again thinks “Hey, look at that!” Thus, yielding a life that is always full of new excitement and is much more exciting than the Bill Murray movie “Groundhog Day.”

If you don’t put anything in the tank, then the fish thinks, “Oh man, there is nothing to do.” Repeat this every few seconds and you’ll see just how horrible this fish’s life will be.


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