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Milk: It gives cows a job

April 7, 2006

Vegans should rethink their viewpoint on drinking milk. Sure it may be a little annoying to a cow to be hooked up to a milking machine all day, but fact of the matter is that milk gives cows a job. It’s a little annoying for humans to have to go to work 8 hours per day, but we somehow manage to get by.

Milk gives cows a way to earn their keep, so that farmers will have an incentive to take proper care of them. If everyone stopped drinking milk, all of the dairy cows would have to get jobs as beef cows and eventually be eaten. Since beef cows don’t get well-deserved hazard pay, being a dairy cow is obviously a coveted job. Ask any talking pig, and they’ll tell you they wish they could strike such a sweet deal. Despite the occasional movie role, pigs don’t have anything to offer as a way to bargain their way out of becoming bacon.

Goats suffer from self esteem, because most people don’t really like their milk or the smelly cheese that is derived from it. Popular marketing campaigns and desirable frozen dessert products give cows a strong feeling of self-worth, which any animal psychiatrist will tell you is a good thing. Drink milk. Change a cow’s life for the better.


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