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Movies should be less than 2 hours

May 23, 2006

One of the key advantages that movies have over books is efficiency. When they approach the 3 1/2 hour mark, they begin to miss the point. Don’t buy into the whole “But it doesn’t feel like 3 hours.” Movies don’t get to have their own wind-chill factor equivalent. A 3 hour movie is a 3 hour movie.

It’s getting to the point that movies are so long and boring that it is no longer advantageous for students with impending book report due dates to choose them over their paperback counterpart. This is probably a significant portion of the market for movies about old boring books. (Why else would anyone rent the Great Expectations movie? Sorry, Pip.)

A movie is supposed to be an enjoyable pastime that is experienced for a couple of hours. If a director’s target audience is going to be individuals that can sit quietly and still for much more than that, perhaps they should be targeting those British guards with the funny hats.

If movies weren’t 3 hours long, maybe they wouldn’t need to charge $10 per ticket to recoup the costs. Furthermore, a customer can watch two 90 minute movies in the same amount of time that it takes them to watch one 180 minute movie. Therefore, longer movies could potentially lead to a decline in the number of movies seen, resulting in less revenue, making long movies financially irresponsible to company shareholders.

Unless movie theaters begin installing flip-up toilet seats into the theater seats, these long movies have to stop.


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