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There are too many types of knives in knife sets

July 15, 2006

Kitchen knife sets are just a big scam to get the public to buy more knives than they actually need. You don’t need an 8 inch knife and a 9 inch knife. Anything that can be cut with an 8 inch knife can be cut with a 9 inch knife.

With the exception of individual steak knives, (because nobody likes to share) all anyone needs is one big knife, one small knife (debatable), and one serrated (bread) knife. Unless you are a thrill-seeking juggler, you’ll probably never use anything else in your redundant collection.

Special purpose knives rarely ever leave the block. If you don’t have a stream in your backyard, you’ll probably never require a fish knife. Contrary to popular belief, fish aren’t impermeable to regular knives, as proven by the fact that people stranded on an island with only a regular knife generally do not rule fish out of their diet.

Crocodile Dundee ate dinner using the same knife that he used to kill a crocodile, and anything that is good enough for Paul Hogan should be good enough for you.


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