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It’s OK to not have Coke

November 14, 2006

When someone orders a Coke in a restaurant, the waiter’s response should not be “I’m sorry, we only have Pepsi.” First of all, they aren’t actually sorry. If they really were sympathetic to the cause, they’d have some Coke lying around. Despite the fact that the waiting industry is flooded with unemployed actors, I’ve never experienced a convincingly sincere apology for a lack of soda selection.

Secondly, Coke has become a commonly accepted brand name that describes a cola-like product.  When someone asks for a Kleenex, you don’t apologize as you hand them a Puffs Plus.

Thirdly, the syrup/carbonated water ratio differs so much from place to place that it isn’t even worth mentioning which brand name product is offered. (Unless it’s RC Cola, which nobody prefers.  If your financial status limits you to RC Cola, perhaps you shouldn’t be spending money on soft drinks of any kind.)  I’ve never seen somebody say “Well then, forget the whole thing!” after finding out that the cola option was limited to only one specific vendor.


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