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Barnes and Noble: A new concept or just a library in disguise?

January 15, 2007

Barnes and Noble is a hip, new take on the bookstore idea, and everyone loves it.  It’s such a fresh new idea that has never been done before.  Imagine a place with:

– Free admission
– A local branch in every town
– A huge selection of books to look through, with no absolutely no pressure to buy
– A wide selection of magazines, allowing you to return monthly to read new editions while avoiding costly subscription fees
– Employees that will help find you the book that you want, knowing fully well that you probably will just read it for an hour and then leave without buying it
– A relaxed etiquette that allows you to leave your reading material anywhere as an employee will eventually come by and put it back in the proper place
– An abundance of chairs and tables, so that you could spend a quiet evening doing your homework without anyone bothering you

The only way it could get any better is if they let you borrow the books for free, as long as you promised to bring them back in a few weeks…with embarrassingly low late fees…like 10 cents per day.  Or maybe if they rented out movies at a price much lower than a traditional movie rental store.  If only a place like that existed, all the cool kids would be there.  I wonder what it would be called.

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