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Nobody cares about movie credits

February 28, 2007

Movie credits that list anything outside of the actors, directors, and producers are a waste of film.  The audience doesn’t care.  Movies seem to be the only product that insists on notifying the customers of every useless person involved, which just goes to show that it is entirely unnecessary.

People argue that this how workers get more work.  Whatever happened to resumes?  If you did something useful in your career, write it down and send it to potential employers, not everyone in the world.  It’s not like the average viewer of the movie Gladiator is going to jot down the name of the Assistant Horse Master (yes, that was a real credited job title for that movie) and throw some employment his way.  If that guy ever wants to work his way up to a real position like Horse Master, he’s better off taking out an ad in the yellow pages.

Don’t buy into the union argument for it either, because there are plenty of unions out there outside of the Screen Actors Guild.  When the guy who welds the frame together on a Ford production line applies for a job at Chrysler, he doesn’t open the hood of a Mustang to show his name and title…they just take his word for it.  The guy at Dunkin Donuts doesn’t get to put his name on anything when he hands somebody a coffee, so there is no reason for the Dolly Grip to receive notoriety for the same task.


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  1. I’ll go one further, and say that Richard Donner has stated on records that there shouldn’t be any credits in films, and that films should get right to the action. The main studio logo, nothing else, then the title, then the action. But what does he know, right?

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