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Throw garbage into volcanoes

March 28, 2007

We, as humans, owe it to mother nature to use all of her precious resources in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.  That is why it is a shame that we aren’t constantly throwing garbage, toxic/radioactive chemicals, and unused fireworks into volcanoes.  Garbage is polluting both our land and oceans while we carelessly look the other way at nature’s giant, fiery disposals.

Much like the world’s vegetation converts an otherwise useless chemical known as carbon dioxide into a something that is critical to the human respiratory system, volcanoes could be used to turn virtually any substance into hot magma.  Magma is more aesthetically pleasing than garbage, probably smells better, and can also be used to heat our homes, boil our water, and cook our food.  Magma is proven to be quickly and easily distributed downhill and can be cooled into a rock-hard substance with multiple uses.  Just like the Romans used magma to pave the streets of Pompei hundreds of years ago (it’s still holding up…now that’s quality), we could be using cooled magma as the primary ingredient in our roadways, thus reducing our need for oil-based asphault, and mitigating conflict in the Middle East.

…but we cannot just take the magma from volcanoes and never give anything back.  We can’t just irresponsibly expect volcanoes to continually provide us with life-giving magma without somehow replenishing the supply.  What happens when these magma springs run dry and we deny our grandchildren of this precious gift?  We should be throwing everything we can find into these hot orifices of awesomeness.  The worst thing that could happen is a pretty sweet explosion and a permanent disruption of some fault lines.


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