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The Snuggie is a Robe

June 21, 2009

Sorry for the spoiler, but let’s not be amazed by things that already exist. The idea of strapping sleeves onto a blanket is not a new one. It’s a robe that you put on backwards. Now owners have two reasons to feel embarrased for purchasing one of these as they sit on the couch and eat a pint of Haagen Dazs while dressed as Mickey Mouse from Fantasia.

While I’m on the subject of inventions that already exist, let me bring up bakepans for giant cupcakes. Yes, they exist. There is finally a way to incorporate the goodness of several small cupcakes into one large cupcake. It would be an excellent idea…if we didn’t already have cakes. The same cakes that somebody decided were too large, thus yielding the invention of cupcakes. If cupcakes are too small for you, you’ve always had the option of going back to the cake. It’s been a widely used and proven format for several years.

  1. I’ve totally said this from the start. The snuggie is a robe you put on backwards! It’s one hell of a marketing system though; the guy who looks like Carter Pewterschmidt is totally a cult leader in the commercials.

    Giant cupcakes are just another sign of our times. Accept them and move on, for one day the cupcakes you know may be gone and you will need to like what’s around!

  2. Faith permalink

    It’s not just a robe. It’s an ugly robe. And it makes people look like stupid wizards. And it’s completely unnecessary, because when I’m really cold, I just put on a sweat shirt and then I wrap a blanket around the rest of me. My arms don’t get all that cold. And are these stupid things open in the back? How do you stop your behind from getting cold? And they are too long. People stupid enough to pay money for an invention this pointless are also those people who are stupid enough to trip over themselves. This is a public safety hazard.

  3. I thought it was just drunk dialers at 2am that ordered these things… then I saw someone putting one in a shopping cart at Target the other day. I suppose I never thought to see if it was in fact the shopper’s very own cart… or for that matter if it ever even made it to the checkout line.

  4. The word turbo doesn’t mean closer either.

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