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Why do homeless people live in cold climates?

August 11, 2009

I have nothing against homeless people, but if I was in their situation I would move to southern California.  Why deal with living outside in the harsh Northeastern winters when you don’t have to?

I understand that all areas of the world have their setbacks…Florida has hurricanes, the midwest has tornadoes, and Japan has Godzilla….but when push comes to shove, a decent year-round temperature should be the number one factor when choosing a home if you plan on being outside the majority of the time.  Sure, California has earthquakes, but the odds of a building falling on you and crushing you are significantly lower when you don’t live in one.

When I think of things that would keep someone in a colder state, I think of a job, a family, or friends.  If you have no job, and no family or friends that you are close enough to that they would take you in, then why not just panhandle $68 and hop on the next Greyhound to get wherever you want to go?  Anyone who’s watched 20/20 knows this amount can be earned less than a day.  It’s really just a one time cost.  After that, you can continue your usual lifestyle while living at the beach…something most people with decent jobs can’t even afford to do.

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