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All sports could be made more interesting by including snipers

October 21, 2009

There are countless benefits to adding snipers to just about any sport:
1. More people would be given the chance to become superstar athletes due to a higher turnover rate.
2. Baseball outfielders wouldn’t be standing around and scratching as much.
3. Multi-year contracts could be eliminated.
4. The summer Olympics could actually be watchable.
5. Less fortunate fans in the cheap seats would have something more interesting to look at since the snipers will probably be hiding there.
6. Members of the Giants would no longer be harassed by the police for carrying a weapon.
7. Fantasy sports leagues could have an entirely new scoring system.

Sure, some purists are going to say that this changes the game too much, but if controlled with the proper rules it could add another layer of strategy.  The naysayers probably complained when time-outs were invented, but now they’ve just become a normal part of the game.  If a team were allowed 3 sniper shots at whichever time of the game they selected, this could be implemented tastefully without straying too far from the original rules of the game.

It would, of course, be up to the individual leagues to decide on specific rule variations.  Will designated snipers be allowed or will it have to be a general player behind the scope?  If a player is sniped with one foot out of bounds, will the game clock stop or continue?  Will consistent headshots be considered a statistic that can qualify a shooter for the Hall of Fame?

The world is ever-changing and sporting events need to evolve too.  I think you’d be hard-pressed to find any reason why this change shouldn’t be implemented.


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