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The Yankees logo is poorly designed

November 1, 2009

Like them or not, you can’t argue that their logo isn’t unpleasant and awkward.  If you haven’t noticed this yet, do a search for the logo with the N and the Y and give it a good eyeballing while no one is watching.  Are you back?  Yeah, I know, it’s way worse than you thought.  It lacks any resemblance of symmetry or consistency.  If you’ve never noticed this before, now may also be a good time to do a search for local optometrists, or at least sulk a little in the guilt that you have been wasting your precious gift of sight.

The more that you stare at this unreformed mangling of two innocent letters, the more its obvious flaws seem to jump out at you…like an optical illusion of awfulness.  Why is the left outer edge of the Y curved, while the right outer edge is straight?  Why is the top-left part of the N higher than the top-right part?  Why is the bottom-left side of the N hanging way out there as if it does not want to be affiliated with the rest of the letter?  Why are both letters unnecessarily curved in ways that accentuate the asymmetrical gaps between them?  This steaming pile of error is about as polished as a third grade finger paint project and it forces the the view to wonder if the original designer even had opposable thumbs.

The only reasonable explanation for this mistake is that a member of an opposing team must have switched out the original before it went to the press, kind of like how the Disney artists are always throwing phalluses into their cartoons and no one notices until it’s too late. The Yankees, too smug to ever admit that they aren’t the best at everything, were probably too embarrassed by the duping and decided to just roll with the crooked image to avoid the otherwise imminent wedgies.

I know it’s been around for a long time, but a team with that much money can afford to have their lopsided logo redesigned by an adult with all five fingers and at least some experience in artistry skills.  Pay Jeter $300 less next season and use the savings to get this disaster fixed.


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