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Paparazzi picked out your sunglasses

December 3, 2012

If you wear ridiculously large sunglasses that cover half of your face, you may be doing it for a different reason than you think you are. You probably bought them because you thought they were fashionable, an illusion that you derived by seeing pictures of celebrities wearing them in public. What you are missing, is that the reason that celebrities wear giant sunglasses is so they can hide from the paparazzi. They are wearing these unsightly spectacles for the same reason that a bank robber wears a ski mask.

So the next time you don a pair of 80’s motorcycle cop shades on your face, remember that you actually missed the intention of the celebrity endorser. You thought they were wearing them while thinking “These glasses make me look great”…but they were really thinking “Please stop taking pictures of me while I’m purchasing sanitary napkins at the Piggily Wiggily.”

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