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NJ is the best state, based on population density

February 1, 2017

New Jersey is the best state ever.  This isn’t an opinion…it’s a quantitatively provable fact, as it has a population density of over 1200 people per square mile.  Of all the US states, NJ ranks the highest in this statistic. Simply put, more people choose to cram themselves into every square mile of NJ than they do in any other state. 

I use the word “choose” because NJ is an expensive state to live in, so you won’t find people living here just because it’s cheap and they can’t afford to move elsewhere. (I’m looking at you, people from Mississippi.) Quite the contrary…people pay a premium to stay. They wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t the best.

Sure, New York City is more crowded, but there’s enough upstate cow country that nobody wants to smell to lower the person per mile ratio to only about 1/3 of NJ. (They fail to mention that in their self-gratifying “I Love NY” bumper stickers.) 

People in Manhattan spend top dollar only to look across the waterline to see New Jersey. Idiots. New Jerseyans pay less money and get to look at the NYC skyline.  That sounds like a better deal to me. 

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