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There is no reason to buy a trumpet

October 16, 2005

You can make almost the same noise with your mouth. Just try to over exaggerate the sound of an startled elephant and you’ll probably end up with a noise that is near identical to a trumpet. At the very least, you should be able to make a reasonable trumpet noise with a $2 kazoo. By now, you should realize that goofy kid in grade school wasted $400 and 3 years of his life learning how to play a real trumpet, which is arguably as lucrative of a skill as playing those glasses with varying amounts of water on Mr. Wizard.

I’ve never heard anybody state that their favorite instrument is the trumpet, and neither have you. If you see someone playing the trumpet, rest assured that they started playing it prior to graduating the 5th grade. Entering middle school is usually the point in life when you need to begin categorizing things into “OK” and “Pointless/Stupid/Embarrassing.” If you make it past 10 years old and haven’t learned to play the trumpet, then congratulations, you will never learn to play the trumpet in your entire life.


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